Products & Pricing

Rocky Mountain Cattle Company beef are:

  • Free range
  • Grass-fed on a farm in the Blaeberry Valley of southeastern British Columbia
  • Humanely handled
  • Not given any growth hormones
  • Not given any antibiotics
  • Processed in a government inspected facility


Our beef is available to you in the following amounts:

Amounts Approximate total weight of cut and wrapped meat that you purchase*
Whole beef 300 to 350 lbs.
Side of beef 150 to 175 lbs.
Front Quarter 75 to 87 lbs.
Hind Quarter 75 to 87 lbs.

* These are approximate weights only and the final weight could vary depending on the original size of each animal. Your price is based on the weight of all of your cut and wrapped meat in the meat processing facility.

In Canada, research suggests that a family of four will on average consume about 250 to 300 lbs. of meat a year, or 125 to 150 lbs. over a six month period.

Types of cuts that are available:

Amounts Types of cuts possible
Sides of beef All sides include lean ground beef, roasts, and steaks
Front Quarter Lean ground meat, pot roasts, short ribs, top blade steaks, prime rib roasts and rib steaks, brisket, chuck
Hind Quarter This quarter has the higher quality of steaks such as T-Bone and Sirloin, along with tenderloin, rump roasts, stir fry and lean ground beef

Beef Cuts Chart

Cutting & Packaging Options

Beef Cutting & Packaging Options
Lean Ground Beef 1 lb.  or 2 lb. packages
Steaks 1 inch or 1.5 inch thickness and 1 or 2 to a package
Roasts 2-3 lb., 3-4 lb., or 4 lb. plus



All orders will be delivered at no charge by the Rocky Mountain Cattle Company Inc. within 50 km. of Golden and of Metro Vancouver and to any locations on the direct route between Golden and Metro Vancouver. Deliveries to other locations in British Columbia will be at a charge of 20 cents per km.

All orders will be delivered during the last half of October.