Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Cattle Company Inc.  Our cattle are grass-fed and free range on the Drown Farm in the Blaeberry Valley in southeastern British Columbia.  The Drown farm is nearly 100 years old and the land has been carefully managed throughout those years by subsequent generations of the original homesteader who established the farm in 1913. The farm at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, is a mix of green pastures and forested land through which wildlife such as deer, elk, and moose, along with coyotes, black bear and even the odd Grizzly pass through and stay awhile. The Blaeberry River and side channels form the farm’s eastern boundary. Environmental stewardship has been practiced by all family members over the years. Chemical pesticides and herbicides are not used on this farm.

The Rocky Mountain Cattle Company Inc. is owned and operated by Dale Drown and was established in direct response to consumers wanting to purchase naturally and humanely raised beef instead of beef that may or may not have been raised in feedlots elsewhere in western Canada that may or may not have been injected with growth hormones and antibiotics. Today, more and more people are concerned about where their food comes from, how far it has come, what’s been added and how it has been handled before it gets to their table. People are looking for healthy beef to feed their families and that’s what the Rocky Mountain Cattle Company Inc. provides.

Beef from the Rocky Mountain Cattle Company Inc. are born on a ranch about 75 kms. south of us and arrive on the Drown Farm at the beginning of May where they continue to enjoy a stress-free life of grazing the pastures and drinking clean fresh water every day. All of our cattle will be no older than 20 months of age when they head to the government-inspected meat processing plant. Our beef have not been given any growth hormones or antibiotics.

Our mission is to provide customers with the opportunity to purchase directly from us the finest quality grass-fed and free range beef in British Columbia.

Beef from the Rocky Mountain Cattle Company Inc. are very competitively priced, packaged by a government-inspected meat processing facility in British Columbia and delivered to you in the latter half of October. See Product and Pricing and Ordering information.